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The right contractual environment is just as important in an agile organization as it is anywhere else.
Although the way it usually is realizing too late that the current legal environment doesn’t support product- and software development teamwork and even binds parties at the worst possible moment: the moment they should be celebrating shipping products and features.


The worst part is, this is no one’s fault. Inheriting problems system wise are what cause difficulties.


The good news is that it all can be solved. The bad news is there’s a ton of work with it.
That’s why we bring you the Agile Contracting open Classroom webinar where we prepare you and your organization in a small group environment. We can make your contractual environment more flexible taking one step at a time.


xxx lessons
+ xxx-hour extra mentoring time (free of charge)


You’ll receive continuous mentoring during training time, which means by the end of the webinar we’ll prepare not only you but your lawyers as well to support and maintain continuous value delivery.

If you’re a corporate lawyer, you start with a double advantage since we’ll share contract templates with you during the course.

Our professional credit is on stage while preparing you for this transition which means we give you quality-assured, turnkey material right into your hands.

Price: Gross 1,400,000 HUF 
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That's how it works


pre-webinar interview, mapping issues and challenges


knowledge transfer webinar based on STEP 1 problems


knowledge transfer webinar based on STEP 1 problems


implementation support during the whole webinar


fieldwork (as required and agreed upon)


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"We will be there by your side until you are able to handle
things easily on your own."