You cannot put iterative work into iterative contracts

What’s iterative contracting mean, anyway?

(Iterative) Agile Contracting is a full-fledged framework for iterative (software) works to be contracted iteratively. Alongside the compliance officer of Chemaxon and my good friend István Bágyi, the framework’s been developed for more than two years and now is ready and available for all parties interested in value delivery in the form of turnkey contract templates and webinar sessions.

What’s AC and how does it help?

Agile Contracting (AC) is the aid to the decade long conflicts between IT project management and legal departments. It is a flexible alternative to the rigidness of classical contracting in software development, but most importantly, it is an answer to our clients in need of a stress-free IT work environment. As such, AC is the go-to contracting solution for agile organizations, may they meet any kind of legal department attitude during their endeavours.

Agile Contracting offers the lowest risk possible for both parties (customer/supplier) while warranting the conditions of continuous creation and delivery of value with the help of agile and lean frameworks. It is to be used in 3 steps.





Customer training on why and how does AC provide value and protection – step by step


We’ll teach you agile contracting techniques and controlling approaches based and building on Step 1


On-site implementation and adapting to local conditions, fine-tuning of contract samples

How AC is different from other contracts?

While it’s easy to get to a point where frameworks of contractual obligations are stated, complex software development projects seem to have an underlying issue of tools and processes facilitating delivery somehow getting stuck in legal departments and then progress stops.


How to protect time and investment set aside for estimation and planning? Under and at which point do we state change as a condition and willingness to change as prerogatives to begin working agile.
What special backlog items with participation of whom and at what points and in what intervals should be renegotiated?

You don’t have to spend your entire budget.

When agreeing in Agile Contracts, both parties are guaranteed to receive better quality and more valuable work. Since the main goal for any competing organization should be to win the race for time-to-market and user satisfaction – using AC will make everything be done as soon as possible as no one will be interested in unnecessary and elongated professional and legal dispute.

When it’s not worth the cost?

Although this form of contracting is the lowest-risk-option on the market for agile organizations and partners, on projects below 9-12M HUF it may not be worth working with.


AC was created to make complex product development projects be contract-compatible in a flexible but safe way in an agile manner with strategy, transparency, balance, and properly timed tasks to do.



AC supports, controls and focuses on product design on strategic levels with premade contracts.



Agile transparency becomes unavoidable through the system of conditions set out in the contracts.



AC provides financial and legal balance between departments, customers and developers.



AC covers the type of administration and process-control steps which – administered the right time will simultaneously meet legal and methodological requirements.


Contract templates

We help your work by handing you premade contract templates.

Learn it

If you feel you need this we can help you introduce and implement the methodology. You can learn the basics in a webinar – with remote counseling due to virus restrictions. Choose the right format or give us a call!

Open, classroom training

 Gross  1 140 000 HUF

Individual, modular training

Gross  230,000 HUF  / day

Outsourced consulting and implementation

Gross  460,000 HUF / day

First we’ll understand and learn your current contractual practises and only then introduce and teach the methodology in your organization. Once we’re done mapping your processes, we’ll prepare and place necessary contract elements and templates in order so Agile Contracting can start working smoothly on an organizational level.

"We will be there by your side until you are able to handle
things easily on your own."