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The legal environment of many of our customers makes them bitter about product and software development as well.


What makes it worse is there are only a handful of product managers and lawyers on the market with real agile, lean knowledge and experience who can handle work on their own and even fewer works at companies and legal departments.

The worst part is, this is no one’s fault. Inheriting problems system-wise are what causes difficulties.


The good news is it all can be solved. The bad news is there’s a ton of work with it.


That’s why we bring you the Agile Contracting Company webinar where we prepare you and your organization in a small group environment. We can make your contractual environment more flexible taking one step at a time.


Ez a helyzet nem a szereplők hibájából fakad. A rendszer öröklődő problémái okozzák a nehézségeket. A jó hír, hogy ezek viszont megoldhatóak. A rossz hír, hogy bizony sok vele a munka.


After situation assessment we train with your teams, provide theoretical training and continuous mentoring. Most importantly, we adapt.

You’ll receive continuous mentoring during training time, which means by the end of the training we’ll prepare not only your lawyers but your entire corporate environment as well to support and maintain continuous value delivery.

We’ll stay and work with you on the field as long as you want us to. As soon as you can independently repeat the steps and develop methodologies we’ll leave. You are free to discuss any part of your development any time and we’ll help you implement them when you feel stuck.

14 lessons – we don’t believe in two day long crash courses 

Gross 460,000 HUF / day
Date: by agreement

That’s how it works in practice:


survey, foundation


selecting and implementing a project of your choosing


preparation of contract templates


you call, we come and help


we repeat it as many times as you need it

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"We will be there by your side until you are able to handle
things easily on your own."