INDIVIDUAL modular webinar

At this training we teach you the legal and contractual steps of supporting agile projects if you haven’t had the time so far to do it on your own.


We’ll conduct an interview and a deep survey with you as a start and you’ll get a problem map as the next step.


This map will help you calculate WHEN, WHAT and HOW to do your upcoming work. We’ll help you choose topics that respond best to your specific problems. These will be the topics and lessons that enjoy priority and focus during your training, Whenever you have a breather we’ll be there for you and your next chapter to learn.


We provide assistance whenever you need it, our resources will be tailored to your needs and issues.

We’ll assess together how Agile, Lean and Scrum can help you boost your operations. We’ll hand over the steps of contractual framework and help you facilitate as your project develops.

Once your team has a secure sense of the Agile Contracting system, we’ll hand over a set of premade contracts and documents needed for operation.

The most important part is whatever we do together, you will be able to do it on your own once we’re gone.


We’ll give the best of our knowledge and experience to ensure you only have to copy solutions tailored to your needs and availability.

Our professional credit is on stage while preparing you for this transition which means we give quality-assured, turnkey material into your hands and you’ll be safe to use them any time even without us.

Price: Gross 230.000 HUF / day
Date: as agreed

That's how it works

There is no time for transition or a longer training, you only need results.


Together we’ll look at the material and modules to find answers for your immediate challenges


When a challenge approaches, you let us know and we’ll come and help


We’ll prepare and teach you the part of Agile Contracting that helps you solve the current problem


Together we’ll tackle the obstacles.


We’ll support you in learning and implementing this one step, you’ll be able to repeat it anytime without us.

Itt tudsz jelentkezni

"We will be there by your side until you are able to handle
things easily on your own."